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Parental Relocation

Once a child custody and visitation judgment has been handed down in a divorce or paternity case, both parents have legally binding obligations. If you or your child's other parent is planning a relocation that will affect these obligations, you should consult a qualified lawyer to learn what legal steps to take.

Attorney Karen Amacker has over 30 years of family law experience and is fully prepared to represent clients in parental relocation cases. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation about your case at our Bulington County office located in Moorestown, New Jersey.

When One Parent Wants To Move Out of State …

In New Jersey, one parent cannot move out of the state with a child under most circumstances
unless one of the following is true:
  • The parents have a written agreement permitting the relocation.
  • The parent gets a court order permitting the relocation.

If you are looking to relocate, we can help you decide which of these outcomes to pursue and represent you throughout the process. If the other parent of your child is planning to relocate, we can represent you in any negotiations or court proceedings that take place.

Failure to follow the legal process for parental relocation can lead to criminal sanctions, as well as modification of the child custody and visitation judgment. Contact us to get skilled legal assistance in your parental relocation case.

Addressing In-State Relocation

There is nothing in New Jersey child custody law that restricts either parent from moving from one place to another within the state. However, if one parent's move increases or decreases the difficulty of exercising child visitation time (also known as parenting time) granted in the child custody judgment, it may be possible to use the post-judgment modification process to adjust who is responsible for the costs and time commitment of transportation.
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