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Enforcements & Modifications

It is not unusual for the Courts to have to address enforcement or modification of child support, custody, spousal support and parenting time Orders or Agreements after a divorce is finalized. These matters may be subject to modification post-judgment should there be a substantial change in circumstances.

If there have a been a substantial change in circumstances after the divorce has been finalized which requires a change in custody, or in the parenting schedule in the best interest of the child or children, the Court may change or modify the original custody agreement. Custody orders and agreements addressing custody and parenting time may have to be revisited if one parent wants to relocate, or a child is of such an age as to express a desire to live primarily with one or the other parent. Karen whose firm is located in Moorestown, New Jersey, has handled numerous custody and parenting time/visitation disputes and will represent your interests in any Motion to modify child custody or change the terms of a parenting plan.

After an order for child support or spousal support has been issued, a change of circumstance may qualify you for an increase in payments or to have your payments decreased. These changes of circumstance may entitle a spouse to an increased or decreased amount of support. In this difficult economy, many people find themselves unable to pay as a result of a job loss, injury or extraordinary healthcare need. In other instances, a termination of support might be appropriate due to emancipation of a child, remarriage of your former spouse, cohabitation or other circumstances.
Attorney Karen Amacker can assist you in determining if any of the changed circumstances would warrant an upward or downward modification of your support order.
If you are entitled to receive spousal support or child support and it is not being paid, she can assist you with the enforcement of a support order. She is aggressive in asserting the rights of her clients to ensure that her rights and the rights of their family are protected. Contact Karen Amacker today at 856-231-9456!