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Division of Property Attorney in Moorestown, NJ

Division of Assets

Pensions, 401k's, and other retirement savings vehicles can be a couple's most valuable assets. The division of these assets require an attorney who knows how to value the assets, and work with experts in order to assure that the valuation of retirement accounts is accurate, fair and equitable.

Attorney Karen Amacker knows how to evaluate retirement accounts and to assure that protection by way of survivorship benefits are included in the final division of the asset. She understand the legal procedural requirements for division of retirement assets and can help with the allocation and division of pensions and retirement plans through Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDRO”), Court Order Acceptable for Processing (“COAP”), Domestic Relations Orders (“DRO”), and IRA rollovers.

Even though your marriage has ended, you can still protect your rights to retirement account benefits that will be paid to you in the future. Karen who is located in Moorestown, New Jersey, is experienced in assisting with the division of military pension and retirement plans, as well as non-qualified plans, including, retirement benefit plans for teachers, firefighters, police officers and government employees.
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